Sunday, October 18, 2015

31 Authors Presents ~ Emily Walker

The first novel I ever wrote and published has been rewritten a bit, re-edited, and re-covered. This is the first time I am releasing the cover to the world and it will be available October 26th just in time for Halloween with my publisher Beau Coup. You can go to my website or to find out more about it, read short stories, and learn about the future Zombified books.

*I'm not supposed to be biting people's faces off.*
That's the only thing Cassie's can think as she flees her school.
The world is changing and so is she--changing to be more like the legless teacher that bit her and less like the classmates who feel with her. At first she fears she's alone--and will only crave the flesh of others more and more as time goes on. But as she runs, she meets others who are infected, and like her, don't want this curse.
Together they make their way across the country looking for a cure and trying not to make a meal out of their only human companion.

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