Monday, October 26, 2015

31 Authors In A Month Presents ~ Andrew Liebau

Andrew Liebau Bio:

Andrew grew up in a small town in South-Central Kansas.  He has always loved writing.  He created a series of funny stories as a young teenager called: The Day That Cows Took Over the World.  While the short stories would only reach a few paragraphs it kept everyone entertained in class.

Andrew joined the Air Force shortly after graduating High School.  While in the Air Force, his love for telling stories never ceased – he wrote another short story entitled The Bank.  The story centers on a bank robbery and focuses heavily on morality.  It has never been published, but may appear an in upcoming collection of short stories.

After serving the military for five years, Andrew was honorably discharged, and met his future wife Betsy.  They fell in love, were married, and moved to Colby, KS to further Betsy’s education as a Dental Hygienist.  Andrew briefly worked at the Goodland Star News covering sports and selling advertising.  The stint was cut short as a better opportunity opened up in Colby.  Andrew was hired on at Red River Commodities, a sunflower confection plant, and enjoyed his job there before he and his wife moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

A year passed in Oklahoma and Andrew received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Betsy gave birth to their first child.  The new family packed up and moved back to Betsy’s hometown of Wakefield, Kansas.  Shortly thereafter, Andrew and Betsy invited another child into their world, and Andrew began to work on his Master’s Degree and writing a blog on Google Blogger.

After plowing through just one year of graduate school, Andrew received his Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, and began working at a local health clinic.  While learning his new position in healthcare, Andrew took time to write and self-publish his first book - Pink Eye: Infection.  The book is staged during the zombie apocalypse and follows a disheartened man who helps a young girl reunite with her father.  It is currently available on  Pink Eye: Infection was released in April of 2015 and the sequel will be due out in December of 2015.  

A plethora (I love that word) of projects are currently underway:

Pink Eye: War – The continuing saga of survival after a zombie apocalypse destroys the world as we know it.
Dementia – A mystical adventure about what happens in your dreams.

R.P.G. – A short story about a video game collector unknowingly summoning a demon by testing one of his games.

Vengeance – A lone mountain man in early America, battles a group of blood-thirsty soldiers intent on finding an ancient Indian treasure.  

Glimpse – A mystery novel about a woman who gets a vision of herself in the future and catches a glimpse of her own murder.  In order to survive, she must solve her own murder before it happens.

Weird Beard McGeared – A children’s adventure about a sea-faring man who has a beard that comes alive!


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