Sunday, October 4, 2015

31 Authors In A Month Presents~ Mary Catherine Gebhard

Titles: You Own Me and Let Me Go (TBR December 2015)

Series: Owned

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Dark



This is not a story about fairytales. This is a story about real love, and real love is messy. This is a story about two people who shouldn’t be together, but belong together. This is a story about happiness, and how it doesn’t simply happen because you fall in love. This is a story about the mind, and the dirty tricks it plays on you.
This isn’t a story for everyone.
Is this the story for you?
I’ve had to drop everything, tell no one, and move to a new town, alone. That’s what happens when you’re on the run from your psycho ex. I expected to be lonely. I expected to be afraid. I never expected to meet a man named Vic who drives me crazy with lust and rage and calls me “Lenny.”
Like a moth to my blazing destruction, I’m drawn to him.
I’m quickly discovering that Vic might be more twisted than the man I ran away from. I was supposed to flee, to get free from violence and move on. I should have known better. Our fire can’t burn forever, but something tells me Vic might be more comfortable living in the ash than me.
WARNING: This book contains graphic sex, graphic violence, and mental illness. This may be a trigger for some people. Proceed with caution.



Cover & Synopsis Reveal: Nov 19
Preorder: Nov 12
Release Date: December 2015


Author Bio: Mary Catherine Gebhard bites off more than she can chew and sometimes calls herself Eva Natsumi. She's lived in Salt Lake City, Utah her entire life, but occasionally goes on vacation from reality. Don't worry, she sends postcards.  

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