Tuesday, October 6, 2015

31 Authors In A Month Presents ~ Jenn Marie

Blurb for Unbreakable Love

Bailey’s not looking for love. Love finds her in the form of a sexier; than sin tattooed cowboy, named Dallas; who is a new artist at her brothers tattoo shop. When their eyes lock for the first time, it was like fireworks went off between them! She finally felt whole in his arms, and he felt, that he finally found where he belonged. But will a nightmare from Baileys past, let out her deepest secret? Will it ruin the fast building love between Bailey and Dallas? Or is their one of a kind love for one another Unbreakable? Maybe it is when things calm down, and life starts to become as normal as it can get. After all the hell Bailey's ex put them through, she almost dies giving birth to her and Dallas's twins. Will his love be enough to bring her back? Or will he be left alone to raise their twins? If she survives will their love become broken, or end up being the unbreakable love she's always dreamed of?

Release expected October 16 2015 On kindle

Paperbacks expected December 2015


I am a 31 year old up in coming author. From southern Louisiana.
I am legally blind but NEVER let that stop me from making my dreams come true. Writing is an escape for me. Reading is what inspires me to write. I hope my bio or novels inspires others to chance their dreams.


Twitter @jennmarieauthor

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