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Author Spotlight ~ Amara Horton

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Author Spotlight
Amara Horton
My name is Amara Horton. I am a mother and wife residing in the Pacific NW. I graduated from a private catholic college and worked in the retail buying industry. One day, I woke up with a story in my head that demanded to be written. So, I worked tirelessly, learning the craft from the ground up in order to do justice to the characters and their journey.
An erotic romance trilogy, INAMORATA is for the 18+ reader who tires of the standard bodice ripper and desires an in depth, robust story with complicated characters of substance. My novel combines adventure, romance, and mystery while exploring a woman's desires for exhibitionism and group love making. My goal is to give the reader a platform to fantasize about these once taboo "fetishes" in a safe setting familiar to many women, the modern day fairytale.


Are you ready for something new? How about a reverse harem, mĂ©nage-light, erotic romance about power, madness, love, and fetish—set to a fairytale? Inamorata: The Witching Hour by Amara Horton tells the tale of a mad princess and the four alpha-male officers who protect and guide her to the throne.

For almost a year, Lt. General Ryker Bouchard has guarded Trinity while the Gold Coast Kingdom prepared for the arrival of the long lost Princess. No longer a mere mission, she is his obsession, controlling his heart as he watches her from the shadows. However, Ryker is far from alone in his devotion to Trinity. His fellow guardians, Diego, Sergei, and Omar, have also fallen madly under her spell. They swore to resist her temptation until she arrives on the island where they can reveal their truth. Only she will do as their Inamorata and they will worship, love, and seduce her as the center of their harem. However, upon her arrival, Ryker struggles to come to terms with his warring desires. Try as he might, he simply can’t fight his frightening, overwhelming need to possess Trinity solely for himself. Sharing is no longer an option and Ryker must choose between his harem and the woman he loves.

Trinity lived an uneventful life―bartending, singing at church, and attending weekly meetings with her psychiatrist―but that all changed upon the death of her mother. She lost complete control of her mind, made unstable from years of abuse at the hands of her deranged daddy. Upon learning of a previously unknown grandfather, she determines to harness her chaotic, violent rebellion to forge a bond with her only living relative. He claims she is heir to his powerful, wealthy island kingdom, but unlike her, he isn’t crazy. To her horror, she finds herself unexpectedly thrust onto the world stage. Luckily, four senior officers stand at her side, ready to protect her from the masses and soothe her fears. They call to the illicit desires and taboo urges, buried within her delicate, chaotic spirit and problematic memory. Within the presence of Lt. General Ryker Bouchard, Trinity is powerless to resist temptation and keep her promise to behave like a princess.

Follow Lt General Ryker and Princess Trinity Collet-Pillay as they battle to overcome the many obstacles threatening their happily-ever-after.

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Amara Horton
Amara Horton


To the outside world, Dr. Vincent McGregor, his beautiful wife, Korin, and prodigy daughter, Trinity, were the picture perfect family. The delusion helped her daddy wreak havoc on Trinity’s young body and mind. Her innocence proved too strong an aphrodisiac for his inner deviant, and she became her daddy’s hobby and his obsession.
Despite her tender age of nine years, he demanded nothing less than God-like perfection. If she dared to displease him and prove herself human, he pounced. Having long ago killed her mama’s spirit, now he used her as a broken pawn in his sadistic mind games against her daughter. He beat her mama to frighten Trinity into submission. He raped her mama to prepare her for what was to come. He delighted in exerting his power over them, inflicting severe lessons as a daily reminder of his dominance.
Tonight, her mama made the mistake of burning dinner. It wasn’t her fault. Her daddy just made them both so nervous, always hovering and watching. He manhandled her mama, subduing her with hard smacks to the face against the palm of his large hand. While her daddy roughly pawed at her from underneath her dress, Trinity watched in silence, as required. He found great amusement in forcing her to bear witness to her mama’s humiliations.
“This is what happens to whores,” he said, eyes filled with glee.
Trinity didn’t have the courage to ask her daddy what ‘whore’ meant.
“If you look away, I will make it hurt.” Then he forced her mama to her knees, dug his fingernails into her tear-soaked jaw, and unzipped his pants.
Korin tried to push away from him to beg him to stop, but her daddy was too strong. At six feet, his sturdy frame towered over her petite, delicate body. He easily kept himself inside of her, smiling as she choked and gagged. His brutal strokes led to only one thing. Trinity couldn’t help but turn her head. It was too much for her young eyes.
“I said, you fucking cunt, to not stop looking at me! You and your whore mother never fucking listen!” He spat profanities at her, barely coherent in his rage. His ivory skin filled with red blotches as his refined face twisted in anger.
Trinity trembled, but did as commanded and resumed looking at him. She promised never to challenge her daddy’s command again if he would just stop. He snickered, demanding her constant eye contact and growing harder from her show of defiance. Then his flip switched as Trinity expected. He pushed her mama away from him and began beating her. He was relentless in his cruelty but had trained them both to never to cry out. Korin lay on the floor, trying to protect her head from his punches and kicks to no avail.
“This didn’t have to happen. I didn’t have to do this!” Spittle flew from his mouth as his face twisted with fury. “All you had to do was be a good little girl, but you never fucking listen, do you, Trinity Anne McGregor?”
Her daddy always used her full legal name, preferring to keep things formal between them. He repeated his question after each wave of violence against her mama. Each time, she responded as required.
“I am sorry, Sir. I am a very bad little girl, Sir.”
“You will learn to obey me. Is that understood, Trinity Anne McGregor?”
“Yes, Sir, thank you for teaching me how to listen, Sir.” Trinity bowed her head but still attempted to look at him through lowered lids, as he commanded. She shook, hoping that would be the end of it but knowing nothing would stop him—not the police, the neighbors, or child protective services. They were at his mercy to do with as he pleased.
Without warning, he grabbed her mama once more and forced her to stand. He ripped the straps of her Versace dress and pulled the fabric down to reveal her bare breasts. He fondled and sucked on her nipples, all while staring at Trinity. Something in his eyes frightened her, and she had the odd sensation of a newfound fear.
She watched, silent and horrified, as his hands slid under her mama’s dress again. He removed her panties, smelling them before putting them in his pocket.
“Mmm … just as sweet as honey.” He made her mama sit on the edge of the kitchen table next to the burnt dinner. Spreading her legs wide open, he kissed her down there.
Trinity did not dare look away, knowing he would be true to his word if she again disobeyed him.
“Please, Vincent, stop! Pease, Sir!” Her mama tearfully begged her daddy to spare them this one humiliation.
By the grace of God, he relented. In between loud moans, with his lips never leaving her mama’s secret place, he cocked his head to the door and growled. Trinity ran as fast as she could, falling to her knees in the foyer, and crying on the marble tiles. Quietly, she beseeched a God she was not sure existed for divine intervention.
“Please, dear Lord, make daddy stop. Please, let that be all for tonight.”
Miraculously, the house simmered down. Crouched behind the thick, burgundy curtain in her bedroom, she thanked God for answering her prayer. She dared to breathe again … but then the silence went on for too long. Hours passed by causing Trinity to panic. A lack of crying, begging, screaming, or furniture crashing meant that her daddy did something really bad.
In her terror, she ran from her dark hiding place and scrambled into her bed. She silently prayed that her daddy hadn’t beaten her mama unconscious again. She hoped against hope that mama was just sleeping, but she knew how immature it was to wish for such miracles.
Trinity learned long ago that there was no bearable way to silence another human being. It always involved immeasurable pain. A warm tear fell from her face. Her prayers would go unanswered as they always did.
Her heart raced when suddenly, the door creaked open, allowing the hallway light to flicker into her bedroom. His shadow appeared on the floor and her entire body tensed up, seized by pure fear. She squeezed her eyes tight and tried her hardest to to stop quivering.
           If he saw the covers shaking, he would know she was only pretending to sleep. He hated it when she pretended. He was always extra brutal when he thought she was trying to manipulate him. Trinity took the risk, sensing a shift in the air.
He approached her bed and tugged on one corner of the eiderdown blanket. She slowed her breathing as he pulled it off. With his well-manicured thumb, he roughly stroked her arm. It took every ounce of strength to keep her body calm. Her daddy reeked of expensive cognac. The stench made her gag, nearly blowing her cover, but she fought against her revulsion. He grunted softly, bent down low, and then pressed his lips to her ear.
“I won’t fuck you until you’re ripe, but very soon, you will be mine in every way, Trinity Anne McGregor, just like your whore mother,” he whispered.
Only after her daddy walked away, loudly slamming the door behind him, did she dare breathe again. She had hoped he would wait until she was older and had a fighting chance of defending herself, but once again, she’d given her daddy too much credit. He was coming for her, maybe tomorrow or next week, but nothing and no one could stop him.
“No!” she screamed silently into her pillow.
As the clock struck midnight, Trinity curled up in her bed and prepared for another sleepless night. She whispered more hushed prayers, begging God to send her someone, anyone, who could make her daddy stop.
         She cried all night long―tossing, turning, and finding it impossible to close her eyes in a house filled with fear and a monster who lurked, watching her every move. On that frightful night, Trinity finally understood that it would take more than one man to stop her daddy.
It would take an army to keep her safe.


Hours later, Ryker yawned while Trinity awoke from a fitful attempt at sleep. He, Omar, Diego, and Sergei sat in their surveillance van, securing the last of their equipment. They stopped what they were doing and watched as she stretched and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Eyelids half closed, she made her way to her bathroom.
They usually switched the cameras off when she attended to personal matters but they looked at one another and silently agreed to indulge. They had earned it.
They sat and watched with rapt attention while she peed, washed her hands, and then turned the shower on. Letting the water warm, she brushed her teeth and then tested the temperature with her fingertips. She sighed and let her cotton nightie fall around her, exposing her naked body to them.
Silently, they sat lost in her beauty as her curls fell around her large breasts and her curvy hips. She was simply stunning, and Ryker allowed his eyes to ravish her, unashamed of his desire.
Omar reached over and marked the time in their log, flagging it in the computer so they may return to watch at their leisure on the flight home. She hopped inside, her naked body once again hidden from them by the tempered shower door, but they could see her outline as she washed her hair.
Then she began to sing.
“Fuck,” Ryker whispered.
Her voice had a direct hold on his cock. Precum slipped from him like a river to the sea while ‘Dream Lover’ floated from her lips. Ryker closed his eyes and let her voice wash over him.
The water shut off, and Trinity stopped singing. Exiting the shower stall, dripping wet, she growled at herself for forgetting her towel. Ryker’s cock thanked God for the opportunity to continue invading her privacy.
She shook the excess water off before sprinting from the bathroom to her bedroom. Their cameras followed her every uncomfortable pitter-patter on the hardwood floors. Drops of dew on her naked skin caught the morning light. She looked ethereal, like a sensual angel.
Ryker looked around the van and instantly, his emotions waged war with one another. He didn’t know whether to scowl or smile at the effect she had on his harem. Sergei licked his lips, famished from a long drought of female companionship. Frustration coursed through him while he rubbed himself through his dark denim jeans and stared at her hard nipples.
Omar was the first to unzip his pants. Sighing deep, he sought relief from the ache she created. His cock sprung from its confines, swollen and hard for Trinity and the others quickly followed. Although Diego’s face distorted with guilt, he too refused to blink or look away. They squeezed, rubbed, and soothed their bulges, letting their honor take a backseat to their hunger.
She finally made it to her bedroom and bent over to grab a towel from the pile of clean laundry, giving them a perfect shot of her ass. Ryker couldn’t help the moan that escaped him. He could only watch as Trinity unwittingly teased and seduced―so close, yet completely off limits.
He expected her to dress quickly, but she surprised him. Turning up the volume on her music player, she grabbed a hairbrush and began singing and dancing along as if she were a pop star. The men laughed at their funny, awkward girl and her silly shenanigans. She never failed to put a smile on their faces, one of the reasons they adored her so.
         Trinity finally tuckered herself out from pretending to be BeyoncĂ© and got down to business. She needed to dress and pack. Ryker glanced at his watch. She had better hurry, or she would miss her flight―as far as she knew. She was oblivious to the lavish accommodations, which awaited her. He couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she realized the King wasn't crazy, and she was indeed a Princess.
She browsed the pile of clean laundry to figure out which Trinity she wanted to be for the day. Her indecisiveness gave him the perfect opportunity to gaze upon her plump ass, so high and firm.
His palm throbbed, desperately wanting to feel her ass bounce up and down as he smacked it vigorously, and then soothed it tenderly. Ryker yearned to bend her over doggy style and grabbing a full handful as he fucked her out of her mind. He wanted to taste, lick, and eat every part of that perky bubble butt again.
Trinity finally made a decision, turned around, and placed the garments on the bed. Her hard nipples pointed up at the sky, flawless adornments for her voluptuous, bouncy breasts. Ryker imagined squeezing her breasts together, sandwiching his cock inside, and fucking them wildly.
Bending down low, she slipped on Ryker’s favorite panties, the ones with the little pink bow that she sometimes wore to sleep. With all her tossing and turning, he often caught a glimpse that stopped his heart. Panties on, Trinity covered her supple breasts with her cheap, flimsy bra, but immediately whipped off both bra and panties in frustration.
“How did I forget?” she said.
         She grabbed a bottle of store brand cocoa butter, and then rubbed the lotion all over herself. Mercifully, she took her time to massage down her legs, between her thighs, and around her hips and waist. She squeezed more of the white cream into her palm and focused on her breasts. Trinity fondled them, moaning as she rolled her head back, pinched her nipples and sucked in her bottom lip.
Four cocks stood at attention in appreciation of her efforts but in a hesitant moment, Diego asked the question that consumed them all.
“Are we really doing this again?”
They were voyeurs, not stalkers, and yet, they continued stroking themselves. Her body left them no choice but to give in to their primal needs. In the next moment, she rewarded them for their decision.
Trinity went to her suitcase, lust in her eyes. Ryker smiled as she pulled out the golden vibrator he gave her. She lay on her back, pressed the bottoms of her feet on the bed, and bent her knees up. Spreading her legs far apart, she fingered her clit―at first, slow, but steadily increasing her pace. Her soft moaning filled the van.
“Wow,” was the collective response from the men in the van while they caressed themselves in tune with her quick fingers.
She licked her lips and bit at the corner, drawing a droplet of blood. Eyes squeezed shut, her face twisted in ecstasy. Reaching over, Trinity grabbed her vibrator and placed it directly on her clit, holding it firmly against her engorged mound, while she rubbed in small circles. Her other hand turned up the speed from a light buzz to full-on.
The change in intensity made her arch her back. Her body rippled with convulsions. She sighed loudly, her lips parting wide in a perfect oval. Ryker wanted nothing more than to slide himself inside and feel her tongue caressing cum from his balls.
Despite the evidence of her arousal, glistening in the sunlight and drawing attention to her needy, swollen pussy, Trinity stopped before she came. Her breasts heaved as she inhaled lungful’s of air, attempting to cool herself down from the heat of her near orgasm
Though she delayed her pleasure, there was no stopping her royal guards. Diego was the first to come. He could no longer control his desire as he watched her lick her finger clean of her honey. Sergei followed, gushing at some point while she jumped off the bed and slid her panties back on. Omar lost it when she wiggled into her tight faded jeans and tousled her hair.
Only Ryker held out in commiseration with her resolve to wait. He would not come until he could come with her, together as it should be. Sliding his cock back inside of his boxer briefs, he quickly zipped his pants before he could change his mind.
Looking about at his friends, Ryker grew uneasy. Diego, Sergei, and Omar continued watching her with devout intensity and uncaged longing as Trinity finished readying herself for the day. Despite his promise to realign with his harem and their way of life just hours ago, the thought of sharing her continued to unsettle him.
I forbid you to touch another man until I can fuck you senseless again.

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway ~ Game Player by BJ Harvey

Title: Game Player
Series: Game #1
Author: BJ Harvey
Genre: Romantic Comedy with Heat
Release Date: March 23, 2016 Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs
From the USA Today bestselling author of the Bliss series comes a new spin off series featuring your favorite Bliss series characters who are yet to meet their match.
Matt Taylor’s motto:
“I’m the king of the cut ‘n’ run. I wine them, dine them, then slide inside them, making sure I get up, get dressed and get out before they can even utter the words “second date.”
Mia Roberts’ motto:
“I’m queen of the chase. I meet them, greet them, date them and leave them. A social butterfly, I’m happily single and happy to stay that way.”
The players have been found.
The challenge has been set.
Whatever happens, they’ll soon find out that playing the game can get you played in the best possible way.

“One, if you had a piece of meat – however whorish he may be – in your bed, I’d hope you wouldn’t answer your phone. And two because as hot and juicy as that piece of meat may be, you know the moment you sink your teeth into it, you’re gonna be fucked, one way or another.”
“Wouldn’t mind being fucked,” I mutter. My mind instantly giving me an action packed – and unfortunately short – mental replay of my momentous fuckup last night with Matt. His hands burning through my dress, the taste of him on my tongue, the feel of his hard cock pressing into me…

“Just go part the pink sea and have a one-finger hate-hug with your vagina,” she says, matter-of-factly.

I make an exaggerated gagging noise. “Do not say the word vagina.”

“Why can’t I say vagina, vag, vaaaagiiiiiiinnnnnaaaaa,” she starts to sing.

I can’t stop the giggle and don’t even try because Natalie singing about the business end of lady town is just hysterical. When I can finally compose myself, I explain. “That word is so … so … it’s just eww. Pussy, beaver, minge, foo-foo, punani, snatch; all of that is fine. But vagina, nuh-uh.”Now Nat laughs at me which in turn just makes me smile. I scooch down the bed and snuggle deeper into the mattress to get comfortable.
“And I don’t hate my hoohaa so why would I be giving it an abusive finger-bang?”
“You’re right. You might damage yourself and then you’d never get anywhere near the infamous Mini WD” Matt was named ‘Mini Walking Dildo’ by my friend Mac since he is Noah’s little brother and Noah is the original ‘Walking Dildo’ – well before he met my sister that is.
“True story,” I reply.
“Exactly. You don’t need your downtown to be out of order. You never know when the next big train might come rolling in.”
“My best pick up line?”
“Yep. Hit me with it,” I goad.
“You sure you can handle it, Matty boy?"

I chuckle at the challenge. “Bring it on, Legs.”

“Still don’t get the legs thing,” she mutters.

“It’s because every time I see them I imagine them wrapped around my head." 

She chokes down the phone and then the line goes eerily quiet.
“I’m here. Just hitting pause on that mental image and saving it for later.” Now it’s my turn to swallow my tongue.
“Jesus, woman. Warn a guy before you throw out the Viagra lines.”
“What?” she says, choking down laughter.
“Words like that take a man from floppy to stabby in zero point five seconds.”
“What can I say, it’s a gift.”

BJ Harvey is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Bliss Series. She also regards herself as a smut peddler, suspense conjurer and a funny romance thinker upper.
An avid music fan, you will always find her singing some hit song badly but loving every minute of it.
She’s a wife, a mom to two beautiful girls, and hails from what she considers as the best country in the world—New Zealand.