Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mississippi Wind by Dennis Patterson

It's Mysteriously revealed to Daniel Patton, a young Mississippi baseball talent, that he's been chosen for an astonishing purpose. Meanwhile, Daniel's mother struggles to come to terms with the tragic murder of her police officer husband. Having been convicted of the violent crime, Eugene Thompson's life sentence takes on new meaning through the bold ministry of a prison chaplain. Eugene, the changed man, now spends his time in a dangerous Arizona prison facility waging a spiritual warfare on behalf of those who despise him. After a series of seemingly bazaar coincidences, Daniel and his mother eventually realize their recent personal blessings have a spiritual link to the man who killed their loved one. But there's one ultimate test that must be successfully withstood before 'the purpose' can be accomplished, and the obstacle that must be defeated is a matter of life and death. ...As Eugene prays--The Mississippi Wind Blows.

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