Thursday, January 22, 2015

5 Star Review Sublime Resistance by Charlene Zapata

When Maggie Wilson fell in love with Vincent Moreno, she thought she found her forever. He was the one who made her strong, giving her the courage to break free from her abusive mother. He gave her peace and comfort in a time when she needed it most. He was her everything. 

It’s been a year since he said good-bye but he still haunts her thoughts and dreams. The memories of the time they shared cannot be erased no matter how hard she tries. Everything in her wants to move forward and forget her past. All of it. But she continues to be reminded of the life she left behind. 

College is challenging but it’s the one part of her life she can control. That is until Asher Evans steps into the picture. He is nothing like Vincent but everything she needs right now. His friendship comes at a time when Maggie desperately needs a connection, something to ground her and help her move forward. But how do you open up when a piece of you is missing.

This was such a perfect ending to Maggie and Vincent's journey! I really enjoyed their story even though at times I wanted to yell at Maggie and say "how can you not see how hurt he is!!" And that may not be just for Vincent but for Asher too! The emotions are well written and I found myself getting so caught up that I could feel what they were feeling. Pain, heartache, love, sometimes confusion, and more! At one point I was ready to throw my kindle and yell at the author for my almost heart attack! I am a sucker for novels with some angst in them and this one surely did not disappoint! I am looking forward to the next book out and hopefully we can get one for Heather and Asher, and for Amanda and Tommy! I loved the secondary characters as they played a huge part in both novels. Great job by Charlene Zapata! I recommend these!


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