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Author Spotlight ~ Christina Escue

Author Spotlight
Christina Escue 
The Second Chance Series

A New Beginning
For the first eight years of her life Karla Hall knew nothing but love, but when her beloved Grams and Pops died everything changed and she was forced upon a mother who never wanted her.
For the next six years she never knew what was going to happen next. Her mother moved her from town to town, following whatever loser boyfriend she had at the time and drinking away what little money she made in whatever dead-end job she could find. Her mother was a mean drunk and Karla was her favorite target. The boyfriends were worse.
On her fourteenth birthday Karla’s life takes a drastic turn. Her mother is arrested for soliciting drugs, the current boyfriend takes off and Karla is all alone in a dump of an apartment with no food and no money. 
Caught shoplifting food, Karla is taken into the system and that’s where she meets The Peterson’s. Now she’s in a loving home, has a brother and sister she never knew about and has friends she’d never thought she’d have.
Will Karla get her Second Chance? Or will her past stand in the way of her New Beginning? 

A New Beginning
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A New Hope
Excerpt: Upon discovering she had a younger brother in Texas; Karla, Leslie and Andrew immediately go to him. What they didn’t expect was for tragedy to strike within days of their arrival. 

Elliot Matthews had known nothing but love his entire life. When his father was killed in a terrible accident he discovered his beloved grandmother was too ill to care for him, so she tracked down the mother he’d never known. Instead of a mother he got a sister he didn’t know existed.

Now Karla must help Elliot deal with his grief as he adapts to new surroundings, makes new friends and learns that life really does go on.

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A New Journey
After Kiara's announcement, Karla is faced with bridging the gab between her brother and sister.

When an explosive turn of events rocks the foundation of their happiness, Karla, her family and friends must sift through the wreckage and find the hope they need to carry on.

Will Karla be able to follow this new road in life's journey or will she succumb to the darkness that borders the edge of her existence?

Author Interview
1. What is your life motto? Never give up. No matter how hard things seem there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

2. What's the hardest part of being a writer? Naming characters. I have about ten different baby name sites that I use to name my characters and sometimes I still can't find on that fits. 

3. What is the most enjoyable part of writing? When the story just falls into place. 

4. If you could have authored any book from the past, which would you choose? Gone With the Wind. It is my all time favorite book. 

5. Which of your characters was your favorite to write? Karla. She is so strong despite the hell she lived through. 

6. If you could give advice to aspiring authors, what would you tell them? Grow a think layer of skin and then cover it in another thick layer of skin because this is a brutal business. 

7. What are you currently working on? I am currently working on the first book in a new series, The Trinity Trilogy. Secrets Revealed is a NA Paranormal novel about The Trinity, a trio of 17 year olds destined to save the universe. 

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Writing full-time. I love writing and will be thrilled when I can quit my job and write full-time. 

9. Who are your favorite authors? Erica Stevens, D.L. Colon, Stephanie Rowe, Teresa Gabelman, J.K. Rowling... to name a few. I have a lot of faves. 

10. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Ireland. I have a lot of Irish roots and would LOVE to explore the Emerald Isle.  

Christina's Bio: 
Christina is a mother of two beautiful daughters, ages 12 & 8, and has been an avid reader since she was four years old. She always had a habit of picking out the errors in whatever she read and in July of 2013 she took that habit and turned it into an editing career. She thought that was her niche in the literature world, but she was wrong. 

In July of 2014 she was at work and was bombarded by an idea that she couldn't shake. She is very tenacious and once an idea plants itself in her mind she cannot stop until she has followed through with it, that's how the Second Chance Series was born. A New Beginning released in October 2014 and A New Hope released in March. She is currently working on A New Journey, book 3 in the Second Chance Series.

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