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Devastated by Monica May

Living the American Dream Shelby had everything she could have dreamed of. A handsome husband two wonderful children a beautiful home and a great job. What else could she ask for? 

In an instant her world is turned upside down when she innocently looks at her husband’s phone. With this Devastating discovery Shelby has to decide if she will walk away from twenty years of marriage or will she find a way to fit into Grant’s erotic world? 

Will she walk on the wild side she never knew she had? How far will she go? If she crosses the line will she be able to live with herself when the sun comes up? Or will she let her over conservative personality end her marriage?

Short Excerpt:
At some point, I need to bring myself to drive home. I'm completely devastated! He says he did not cheat on me, but it most certainly feels like it. I have sat on the bank of the river for hours watching boats go by in the still of the night

Long Excerpt: 
We are interrupted by the noise of our dinner plates placed on the table. The food smells delicious. His words have distracted me a bit from my original plan. I let Grant get halfway through his meal before my hand slides up his thigh to caress his soft penis. I really should have waited until he was done chewing! I thought I was going to have to do the Heimlich maneuver on him. Now, the entire restaurant is watching and making sure he is still breathing. So much for sexy stroking under the table. We are both laughing hysterically now. After we calm down, we both start eating again, and I slide my hand back up his thigh. He’s not so surprised this time, and he opens his legs a bit to give me better access. My hand slides up his jeans and over his bulge; I can feel his hardness now! I start to rub up and down his length with my left hand while I casually eat with my right.
It’s difficult to carry a normal conversation, but we manage. The waiter comes back to collect our dishes. "Would you all like dessert?" Under the table, Grant puts his large hand over mine to still my motions; he is close to coming in his pants. I don’t typically order dessert, and I know Grant is ready to get out of here, but he has not felt the real surprise yet.
"I will have crème brûlée, and my husband would love some bread pudding.”  When the waiter walks away, I don’t say a word to Grant. I simply lift my leg across his lap and direct his hand up my thigh.
It doesn’t take him long to figure out what I want. His eyes give me a questioning look to make sure. I lean over and whisper in his ear, “I want you to fuck me with your fingers right here and make me come with all these people sitting in this restaurant."
“Oh, Shelby, that’s so hot; you are so fucking sexy I may come in my pants.”
I whisper to him, “That’s okay with me.”
I feel his hand at my knee sliding over my suede boots. He gently rubs and massages all the way up to my inner thigh. The waiter approaches our table again to ask if we would like more wine, which I graciously accept for myself. Grant has to drive back home, so he will have to make do with only dessert. He decides to test my limits as the waiter is pouring my wine. he slides his fingers right into my slit, expecting to find panties. I could tell by the look on his face that he was the one surprised. I give him a quick grin as I thank the waiter. The waiter is almost done picking up our dinner plates when Grant’s fingers slide out of me, then up and down my wet lips to my clit.
As soon as the waiter walks away, he leans over to me and says, “You are so wet for me. How am I going to stop myself from fucking you on this table?”
          1. When did you decide to become a writer?
          The summer of 2013

2. Where do the your ideas come from?
I really don’t know they just form in my brain while driving.  I have a 45 minute ride to work and back and that’s when my imagination runs wild.  It’s the only time I don’t have the phone, emails, kids, a husband or a boss in my ear

3. What is the hardest thing about writing?
Marketing is the hardest part of writing.  The writing flows faster than my fingers can type but getting the book and your name out there for everyone to read and know is so much more difficult than I could have ever imagined.

4.  Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?  Yes I love to read now.  About a year before I started to write I was introduced to smut via 50 shades of grey and I could not stop there I kept reading and then decided “Hey I can do this?  Hell I have been doing in my head for ever.”  
My favorite authors are Kristen Ashley, Deborah Bladon, Meg Silver, and Joanna Wylde just to name a few.

5.  What is your motivation for writing?\
Putting my minds work down onto paper for others to read.

6. What is the best experience you have had so far as an author? 
Meeting all my fans and seeing that there really are GOOD people left in the world.  So many people have offered to help me simply because they like my work that is truly amazing.

7. Are you planning on attending any book signings? 
At the moment I’m not attending any signings due to cost but I hope to one day sell enough books to make it to one.

8. What are you currently working on and when can we expect it? 
I am currently working on getting my second book Hidden onto Amazon.  The book is completely written but still in the editing phase.  I hope to have it out by August 1st if not sooner.

9.  If you could give advice to someone who is thinking of writing, what would that be? 
Just put the pen to paper and do it.  Read all the information about self publishing and just go for it.

10.  Where do you see yourself in five years? 
I hope to have at least one best seller by then. 


Hidden to be released this summer!  


After loosing her husband Samantha throws her life into recreating her Great Aunts erotic club on Bourbon Street.  She does her best to avoid getting close to any man but how long can she hold out when Parke enters her life?  While trying to avoid her attraction to Parke Samantha tries her best to make her club a hit by hiring the most beautiful people in New Orleans.

During the hiring process Shelby begs her to hire a women she met at the battered women’s shelter.  Reluctantly Samantha caves and hires Sunny not knowing much about her.  Will this hire bring down her entire club? Samantha has no idea that Sunny is running from a man, a man that has vowed to find her and kill her if she ever ran from him again.  As the President of the MC group The Flaming Dragons his reach is far and wide.  Will he find her?  Can Sunny’s new love interest Jackson keep her safe?




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