Friday, April 3, 2015

Absolute Love by Erin Everleigh

Promo Blitz 30th March ~ 5th April
Absolute Love by Erin Everleigh
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Phoebe thought she had her Happily Ever After. She had a beautiful little girl and was married to the man of her dreams.

But the unexpected death of her mother causes Phoebe’s world to come crashing down.
Confronted with the realization that the missing pieces of her past are lost to her forever, she watches herself morph into a person she no longer recognizes. A person she quickly grows to hate.
Barely making it through each day, Phoebe struggles to repress her darkest thoughts. But at night, she is held captive in nightmares from which she cannot escape.
With her marriage dangling by a thread, Phoebe fears a future with Justin may no longer be possible.
Refusing to give up, Justin fights for the life they used to share. But when he stumbles upon what could be the missing piece to Phoebe's past, he is faced with a choice that could cost him everything.
When you feel like all hope is lost, is there a love that can transcend all and revive a broken soul?

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