Sunday, February 1, 2015

Surprise Release! Private Affairs by Anie Michaels

Anie Michaels snuck in a surprise release!  Meet Lena and Preston in a Private Affairs, the first installment in The Private Serials, a sexy story about a scorned wife and a private investigator.  Just $.99!

Private Affairs
When Lena Bellows suspects her husband of cheating it rocks her world, but also sends her life into a tailspin seven years in the making.  Decisions must be made, plans need to be set in place, but she can’t do it alone.
Private investigator Preston Reid was hired to prove Lena’s husband was being unfaithful, but she never expected the instantaneous and unrelenting attraction she felt upon meeting him.
She’ll need to rely on Preston to do his job without compromising her future, but they will both fight their constant and all-encompassing desire to be with each other.
Only one thing is clear:  No one’s affairs are private anymore.

**This is the first volume in a multi-volume serial.  Readers should not expect a resolution at the end of this publication.  It is intended for mature readers.  It is 28,000+ words.

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Private Affairs

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